TIME online (Katy Steinmetz) bringt ein Interview mit John Simpson, dem scheidenden Chefredakteur des Oxford English Dictionary. Und dieser gibt darin Einblicke in die OED-Redaktion. Daraus ein paar Fetzen:

How many people are working on the project at the OED?
We’ve got about 70 editors, about 10 of them work on the word origins—the old Germanic and French origins of words, and so on. And about 10 of them work on new words. Another large set work on revising the 20 volumes of the text of the existing dictionary. We’re revising that into, if it were printed, close to 40 volumes. Those staff are divided into generalists and scientists.


When you did the revision, what letter did you start with?
We didn’t start at A because nobody in their right minds starts at A. You should steer clear of vowels until you know what you’re doing—a’s and o’s are interchangeable in some contexts. It causes all sorts of problems. You’re much better off starting with a consonant. We thought M was a reasonable short letter. …

Das ganze Interview sei hiermit empfohlen! Der Link: http://entertainment.time.com/2013/04/23/an-exit-interview-with-the-man-who-transformed-the-oxford-english-dictionary/