Ein weiterer interessanter Beitrag zur Entwicklung der Lexikographie: Die DSNA zitiert aus einem Artikel in Publishers Weekly: The Changing World of Reference von Gwenda Bond (hinter Paywall). Ich zitiere von der DSNA:

[„]Very few people instinctively know how to write a good definition.“ But with the average age of English-language lexicographers „well over 40,“ fewer openings to train new lexicographers for, and perhaps 100 remaining in the world (which Hargraves[¹] believes is actually enough), it could well become a problem to find qualified, dedicated professionals to provide the dictionary content of tomorrow and ensure changes to the English language are accurately captured and quantified.

Der vollständige Post der DSNA: http://www.dictionarysociety.com/2013/04/the-last-lexicographers.html

[¹] Orin Hargraves, Präsident der Dictionary Society of North America (DSNA)